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  Accept and appreciate yourself
We are deeply and exquisitely loved. We are dearly loved. We are truly loved. We are loved unconditionally.

Why should we love ourselves any less?

Be conscious and direct
We must be mindful.


Choice for positive change
Good. Better. Best. Excellent. Beautiful. Amazing. Wonderful. Great. We must know the difference.




Deeper harmony
This is the true measure.


Empathy and compassion
We must think how it feels.


Courage to face the truth
No one is perfect. We must develop the courage to know we are imperfect.


We have to grow
We must choose to move forward.


Capacity to love and hope
We must see the good and positive in all.


Own true inner guidance
We must be lovers of truth.


We must choose Heaven on Earth.


Simple acts of kindness
Simple acts of kindness may mean the world to someone.


Learn to do the right thing
We must trust and have faith. We must be true.



Move forward


Being here now
No more than just a moment.


Genuine openness
We must keep an open and a willing heart.


Ease, strength and peace
We must seek to love and be happy.


Be quiet
We must quiet our mind and listen from inside.


“Principle of right human relationships”
We must treat others, as we would ourselves wish to be treated.


Turn inside
We must listen to our silent inner voice. It tells us what we need to know.


We must choose joy, peace and harmony.


We must seek to achieve our perfect balance.


Harmonious, interconnected and interdependent existence
We are the same. We are all brothers and sisters.


Be true to yourself
We are one with all creation.





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