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Achieve results
You must perform.

Build team spirit
Work together to achieve results.


Common ground
Think and feel the same way.




“Attempt to understand before insisting on being understood.”


You are highly experienced and knowledgeable.


Forward thinker
See what is of benefit to people in the future.


You have to move forward.

 “Right human relationships”
Source: World Goodwill Newsletter – 1996, No. 4
Treat others, as you would yourself wish to be treated.

Inform yourself
Ask, create, find, listen, look, read, etc.

 Sense of justice
Recognise your rights and needs.
Source: World Goodwill Newsletter – 1996, No. 4

Know how
You are an expert.


Live and work with dignity
You matter.



We are all the same.

 New millennium thinker
“Serving the common good through the sacrifice of selfishness. Only what is good for all is good for each one.”
Source: World Goodwill Newsletter – 1996, No. 4

Develop a proprietary interest.


Positive interaction
Work together happily.


Highest quality
You are valuable.


Utmost respect
People matter.


Support, encouragement and recognition
Your involvement is worthwhile.


Think ahead and plan
Proper planning is essential!


Believe in yourself
"Yes, you can. Don’t feel you can’t. Don’t limit yourself. Allow good things to happen in your life. Don’t believe it has to be hard although sometimes it is but we grow in experience. Know what you want and work towards achieving your dreams. Why shouldn’t you have what you’ve always wanted? Keep focused on what you want and be the best you can. It brings you joy and you will be happy."


Visible impact
You do make a difference.


Work-life balance
There is life after work.


Good, better, excellent and amazing. Remember SelfSpeak and “I am amazed." I didn’t know the difference!


You matter
You are unique.


Be a corporate bee or is it ant?



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