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Accountable business
We must assume responsibility for our actions.

Best in the business
We must aspire to be the best in our business.


Capacity for positive change and transformation
We must be willing to effect positive change and allow for better alternatives.




Democratic and progressive business
Democratic and progressive business is direct, inclusive, open, participatory and transparent.
Source: Our Global Neighbourhood – Report of the Commission on Global Governance


Ethical business
Equal, fair and just.

Fair and equal business
Responsible business.

“Doing well by doing good”
Corinne McLaughlin

“People before profits.”
Anita Roddick


Humanstream business
People matter.


Inclusive and participatory business
A unifying consciousness that is fair and equal.


Economic justice
Divisiveness and separatism are inappropriate.


Practical knowledge
We must share experience and grow in mutual understanding.


Courageous leadership
We must lead by example and courage.



“People matter”
Anita Roddick
New paradigm.


New paradigm
Humanstream business.


Open business
We must have nothing to hide.


“People before profits”
Anita Roddick
We matter.


Fair and equal play.


Common responsibility
We must share a common responsibility to serve a larger, long-term mutual interest.
Source: Our Global Neighbourhood – Report of the Commission on Global Governance

Serving the common good
“Serving the common good through the sacrifice of selfishness. Only what is good for all is good for each one.”
Source: World Goodwill Newsletter – 1996, No. 4

Transparent business
We like those whom we trust.


We don’t exist in a vacuum.


Clarity of vision and strategy
A C. B = Road Map.


Worthwhile involvement
We must care.

  Exceptional business
  High-yield business
“Excellence. Quality. Superiority. First rate. Exceptional.”
Lorna Riley
  “Concerned citizen”
Anita Roddick
We must care for our mutual well being.



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