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 All people are neighbours.

Build partnerships.


Commitment to care for others to the higher quality of behaviour among human beings.


Democracy and equality.


Environmental protection.

 Fundamental values.

Co-operative global approach.


Universal sense of human identity.


Improved understanding.


Core values of respect for life, liberty, justice and equity, mutual respect, caring and integrity.


Pooling information, knowledge and capacities.


Larger, long-term mutual interest.



Meeting basic material needs.

 New vision for humanity.


 People should treat others, as they would themselves wish to be treated.

Principles of consultation, transparency and accountability.


Commitment to core values concerned with the quality of life and relationships.


Human rights.


Shared vision and destiny.


Working together.


Using collective power to create a better world.


Vision of one world.


New World.


Flexible and fluid process.


Dynamic process.

 Global citizenship.

Adapted from the Report of the Commission on Global Governance. The writer has inferred those salient points she believes embody the fundamental principles of good governance.

isit http://www.cgg.ch/contents.htm for an overview of Our Global Neighbourhood – Report of the Commission on Global Governance

The writer expresses her sincerest wish that these fundamentals meet the integrity of the Commission’s objectives.
Thank you.



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