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Juggling Act
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A while ago, I put in writing my bad points. I donít believe we need hammer home our weaknesses Ė rather letís concentrate on our strengths and the weaknesses will take care of themselves. This is my personal list Ė

  • Consider the facts
  • Stop and think
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Be accurate
  • Self-interest!
  • Avoid the tendency towards self-sacrifice
  • Donít overreact
  • Donít place excessive demands on yourself
  • Failure shouldnít give rise to disappointment and self-recrimination!
  • Learn to hide your feelings
  • Donít think for someone else
  • Donít assume
  • Donít be possessive
  • Donít be over-emotional
  • Donít go the extra mile; youíll get lost
  • No one is perfect
  • Forgive yourself
  • Donít be too hard on yourself
  • Donít fret over mistakes or poor decisions
  • Donít take on extra work
  • Get in touch with what is going on at ground level
  • Donít downplay your own contribution
  • Deal with crises effectively
  • Feelings Facts
  • Richness Rightness.
I would encourage you to write down your own list. Read through your list often and make appropriate changes, if you can. The point of this exercise is to embrace those attributes you manage less well and NOT to try to change YOU. Youíve nothing to prove! Youíre good enough! Just be mindful of your potential weaknesses and concentrate on your positive attributes.

Thanks, Magic People.

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