Bianca Green (9 years)

I think Heaven is a wonderful place. You can never, ever die. Heaven is such a beautiful place. Animals talk to you. You can have so much fun in Heaven. Heaven has beautiful white clouds and long waterfalls you can play on. The flowers are so beautiful you can smile happily. You’ll enjoy Heaven and always like it there. You’ll see all the people who’ve died and they will guide you through Heaven. Heaven is a very, very big place – bigger than Earth. I would like to go to Heaven and see it. Wouldn’t you? You can do anything in Heaven – even fly. If you want to play with anything you just imagine it and it’ll come to you. If you imagine a ball it’ll be in your hand. The animals are very friendly and they’ll guide you too. There’s a big sea you can swim in. The animals in the water won’t hurt you at all. You can play all kinds of games in Heaven and dangerous animals won’t harm you. There are great, big elephants and horses you can ride on. They can’t feel pain. You’ll see lots of animals in Heaven and have fun for sure.


Bianca Green

The sad place is a very sad place. It is so dark. Darker than space. You’ll be very scared. There’ll be other bad souls there too. Bianca became too distressed to continue…

Bianca Green (10 years)

I want life to give me a ticket back to Heaven.

A Conversation between Mom and Daughter

What is God?

God is.

How did God begin?

God never began.

How did Earth start?

God created Earth.

What is Heaven?

Heaven is another place for God.

Bianca disagrees. “Heaven is where you go to after you have been to another world. It is a resting place until you go to a next world. Heaven is full of love, joy and happiness. There’s nothing better than it. You can do what you want to do and never die but when you go to another world you do die. Heaven is like a pit stop - after all the worlds you’ve been to, you need a break. Heaven is the pit stop. Heaven is the source of all worlds. You travel to other worlds and when you have had enough you come back to rest in Heaven and go on with your journey.

How do you know this?

I just know somehow.

(11 years)

What must we do on Earth?

We must learn.

What must we learn?

You already know.

Should we be truly happy on Earth?


Is Heaven a truly happy place?


What does God look like?


Is God a He or a She?


Does everything on Earth go back to Heaven?


Should we learn to take it easy on Earth?


That’s all. Thank you.

Worried about Dad
Bianca Green

I’m missing my dad. I feel sadness. I feel his pain. He really misses me. He hasn’t seen me in such a long time. He had problems in his life but I love him no matter what! I know he has a drinking problem but, in his heart, I know he misses me and truly loves me. Amen

My Mom’s Success
Bianca Green

My Mom is not successful yet but I believe she will become famous one day. I really believe in her and I think what she is doing is great! I love her and she’s doing a great job at the moment. She’s working hard on Everyman Edict and I think it will be a great success. Everyman Edict is a very interesting thing. Everyman Edict will help thousands of people. I must encourage you to read Everyman Edict because it will help you a lot. Everyman Edict will solve most of your problems and will be your guide. Thanks !

Bianca Green

Dolphins are my light. I adore dolphins and they’re very special to me. I like all sorts of dolphins – from Bottle-Nosed to Common, Spotted to the Amazon fresh water river dolphins. I watch N.G. and Discovery to learn about amazing dolphins. You know I think dolphins are more intelligent than humans. Dolphins are beautiful and amazing creatures. They light my world up. I love them and I will always love them. I dream about them and hope some day I get to ride and swim with them. I don’t know what your favourite animal or mammal is but I want to tell you that dolphins are my favourite mammals. I love them. I know I said I love them many times but I just truly do. From the time I was born, I have loved dolphins. I have learned a lot about them over the past years. I think they’re the most intelligent creatures on the planet actually. You should see what they can do – how they can do tricks, throw a ball into the air, they use their sonar for important occasions and they can get out of human traps. You know that’s why I love dolphins so much. Another reason I love dolphins so much is that they’re very friendly and cute even though they can fight. There is violence in every animal. I have many things to say about dolphins but there is too much to say otherwise I will be talking about dolphins for a century. I would like to thank you for listening to my story.

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