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Bianca tells me she’s about to present me with her best masterpiece ever. I’m sitting down with my laptop reviewing Everyman Edict. As usual, I half listen and don’t really understand.

I look up and admire Bianca’s pencil sketch. “It’s good, it’s excellent,” I say. Bianca looks at me in shocked silence. I’m at a loss! “What’s the matter?” I ask. “Good, excellent. That’s not what I want to hear!” I don’t understand and I ask her what she means. She responds that she’d have preferred “amazing”. Now I understand. I apologise profusely and promise to remember that in future I must tell her, “It’s amazing and I really appreciate it.”

I’ve just changed an essential of SoulBest from: feel good. Feel better. Feel excellent to: feel good. Feel better. Feel excellent. Feel amazing.





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