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Blessings of Delight and the Curse of Corruption
Cedric Mayson
“It is part of our liberation and freedom, part of a world come of age, to recognise that we are capable of deciding what is good for us and what is bad for us, and acting accordingly… But someone must take the initiative. Is your spirit on that level?”

Global Neighbourliness
Our Global Neighbourhood - Report of the Commission on Global Governance

“The most important change that we can make is to change our way of looking at the world. People have to see with new eyes and understand with new minds before they can truly turn to new ways of living.”

Heads or Tails

Speech to Graduate School of Business Dinner, University of Cape Town
Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel

“We need belief in ourselves – and we need sound understanding – all of us, to turn our country into the success story that it can be.”

The Great Awakening
Peter Russell
“The image a society has of itself can play a crucial role in the shaping of its future.”



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