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Enhancing Negotiation Skills
Steven P. Cohen
“Enhancing your negotiating skills is an important element of personal development.”

Leadership Quiz for the New Millennium
Courage and Change
Dr Sheila Murray Bethel
“Where do I need to change, grow and stretch to reach my full capacity?”

Six Steps to Personal Success
John Tschohl
“Performance begins with how people feel about what they are doing and how they treat the people they are doing it with and for. If you want to be successful, it is critical that you provide superior service.”

Strategies for Practicing the Art of Balance

Dr Neil Fiore
“Strategies for Practicing the Art of Balance.”

The Write Stuff

Mandy de Waal and Andrew Miller
“Good writing is communication and communication is the substance of life.”

Developing Resilience

“Bouncing back from a difficult situation is as essential in business as it is to life.”


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