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“She helps with problems and knows how to explain.”

“The workshop was good and the way she solved my problems at work made me feel better.”

“She expresses herself freely and honestly. That is very important to me. She teaches us values and things we know but are afraid to reveal. Luisa, you are the perfect role model. I am honoured to be associated with someone of your intelligence.

Thank you for showing me a fraction of what you know. I hope there’ll be another session very soon. Well done!”

“Everyone is included – nobody feels left out. The enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious. You do a wonderful job! Keep it coming!

Consider that in South Africa there are language barriers. Make sure that everybody understands exactly what you say and not just the general gist.”

In considering what Everyman Edict does especially well…

”The ways in which you have to deal with problems in the workplace.
I wish God could help you more so that you may always be a
good presenter.”

“Letting participants express their views and asking questions that lead to participants solving their own problems.”

“She is very positive.”

“She is very honest, speaks clearly and gives good advice.”

“Explains everything! Very, very good speaker.”

“She knows what she’s doing. Very confident. Speaks very clearly.”

“Praat reguit, eerlik, deeglik oor alle onderwerpe! Verstaanbaar.”

“She explains each aspect very well. Uses good examples.”

“Talk. Good use of words to put an explanation across. Offers great detail. Keeps it interesting.”

“Explains everything well.”

“Speaks very well and she knows what to do. Presents her workshops with a very clear mind. I would come back anytime for another workshop.”

“She has a way of talking that keeps you very interested as well as explaining things to you in a way that you definitely understand!”

“She speaks very clearly, slowly and that helps us as candidates to UNDERSTAND her message 110% clearly. Luisa presents these workshops from her SOUL and with loads of passion and definitely NOT for the money because she allowed us to attend her workshop FREE of charge and through all this she still remained professional and enthusiastic throughout her presentation of the workshop.

Luisa, thank you for assisting me with my professional challenges in my working environment and for teaching BASIC COPING SKILLS FOR EVERYDAY in my chosen career environment. I leave your workshop inspired, positive, enthusiastic and a BRAND NEW PERSON. My life will never be the same again. Thank you, Luisa!”

“The whole session was very understandable. Thanks for the skills that I learned today.”

“You have equal respect for yourself and the person to whom you are communicating. You communicate your thoughts clearly. I have really enjoyed the course and you have taught me something in life I hadn’t learned before."

“I like the way you communicate openly. I have really learned a lot.”

“She explains everything and puts you in the spotlight to think for yourself. She is great.”

“Communicate!! Excellent communication – draws one’s attention.

Don’t know if I received special treatment. Thank you. It was lovely. Thank you for your time. Great workshop – will definitely recommend.”

“You save my soul - I was between not knowing what I must do with my problem. Because of your talking, I have an answer.

I thank you very much for your help.”

“My presenter is so open and clear about everything. She explains. She gave me the courage to believe in what I’m doing and myself. And now I can see the light - where I’m going, what I’m going to do and when.

Her motto is “Honesty, Trust, Loyalty and Put Your Self First in everything you do.” She taught me how to deal with people, especially in the office.”

“She can listen to your problem or issue and get to a conclusion easily. Gives uplifting advice and helps you to get to the root of the real problem.

I would like you to contact me if you have anything else happening like this and inform me.

I enjoyed today’s information very much and I know that nothing happens for any purpose.


“She is very good. She gives individual attention. She is just, awesome and amazing. She takes her time when explaining. She tackles every issue with so much delicacy.

It’s so much like she is from the Department of Labour. If there is a Commission of Labour Rights, I suggest she should work for that Department as a Director. She understands us employees. She is empathetic. She is a star. I strongly believe that she is an asset for South Africa. She shouldn’t think of going back home because we will lose out.”

“She explains a fact/point thoroughly with practical examples. She is charming and accommodates all in her presentation. She really knows her subject matter. She is talented and gives herself time to a point.

She is a good presenter and I hope to attend more of her courses. I like her style of conducting her courses because she accommodates job and outside life.”

“She touches the human side – empathetic. Real life situations as examples.

At the start this is/was a wonderful confirmation session that one needs to hear on a regular basis.”

“The presentation was well understood. Everything she said was very clear and she motivates us and I think she is the right answer to our questions.

I wish she could come to our components and present this again to others. The money we pay her is not worthy (it is too little).”

“The presenter presents her topics well. She motivates and gives people a chance to express their feelings and encourages them.
She really knows her stuff. You go girl!!!!!

I would really suggest that she present this material/workshop to the organisation I am working for. Next time you have presentations of this sort, please, call for everyone. Start off with the big bosses for them to understand.”

“Good human relationships in the workplace and customer care. Good self esteem. Mind mapping. Minimise stress situations.

She needs to consult with more organisations, especially government departments, on problem solving.”

“She is a powerful speaker/presenter who is familiar with a variety of life-changing skills. She is factual, giving real life examples in her presentation."

“She is a presenter with a sustainable, differential advantage for everyone who wants to succeed both personally and professionally… Luisa, your product is truly amazing.”

“She communicates the essence of the message…I personally feel that the information, although basic, should be discussed in more detail – meaning that the course material could be used to form the essence of a week or even a month’s course. It will need restudying a few times before the material can really be understood and implemented fully. The training material itself is outstanding.”

“The presenter has the insight of her material at her fingertips and what is being presented is lived by the presenter. She is very knowledgeable. The eye contact with participants is not threatening – a conducive environment for learning was created.

“The workshop should be presented to top management because of their attitude (negative) - they don’t know their customers. At a personal level, I need to be invited to attend more of these workshops.”

“Journeying with all participants and ensuring that all are at the same level of understanding, concentration and participation. Realist. Every aspect relates to real life situations.

“I don’t know which walk of life should be excluded from this invaluable material. These are real life matters that touch on the essence of our existence.



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