Everyman Edict features spiritual books dedicated to anyone following a spiritual path, including personal development and spiritual growth.
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What is Everyman Edict?

Values to Live By

These are the spiritual values, inspiring the conscience and the consciousness of those who serve, to create a better way of life.

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Better Business, Capacity Building, Creative Problem Solving, Good Governance, Interpersonal Communication, Leadership, Negotiation, Personal and Professional Success, Service Provision, Guest Speaker Presentations.

Ensouled! An eNovel by Luisa Green.
Inner Space the Final Frontier

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Self: Personal


Clarity of Purpose – Living a Rich Life
Michael Angier


Key Notes on Personal Finance
Glen Steyn

Managing Time to Accomplish More
Elena Fawkner

The Quest for Your Best:
The Road Map to Excellence in Challenging Times

Lorna Riley
Self: Professional
.......Enhancing Negotiation Skills
Steven P. Cohen
Leadership Quiz for the New Millenium –
Courage and Change

Dr Sheila Murray Bethel
Six Steps to Personal Success
John Tschohl
Strategies for Practicing the Art of Balance
Dr Neil Fiore
The Write Stuff
Mandy De Waal and Andrew Miller
Developing Resilience
“Bouncing back from a difficult situation is as essential in business as it is to life."
Universe: Corporate
 Spirituality in Business
Corinne McLaughlin
 The Twelve Commandments of Responsible Business
Anita Roddick
 Intuition in Business
Mandy de Waal and Marensia Lotter
 The Business of Poetry
Mandy de Waal
Universe: Global
 Blessings of Delight and the Curse of Corruption
Cedric Mayson
 Global Neighbourliness
Our Global Neighbourhood - Report of the Commission on Global Governance
 Heads or Tails
Speech to Graduate School of Business Dinner, University of Cape Town - Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel
 The Great Awakening
Peter Russell
Life According to Green Principles
 Soulsayings on World Affairs
 Soulsayings on Business
 Soulsayings on Values to Live by
 Soulsayings on Love
 Words of Spiritual Wisdom
 Value your Friends
 I'm Amazed
 Communication Bill of Rights
 Religion of Spiritualism
 The Power of Prayer
 Introductory Guide to Meditation
 Juggling Act
 What is Heaven?
 The Sad, Sad Place
 Ticket to Heaven
 What are God and Earth?
 Worried about Dad
 My Mom's Success
 Beloved Grandfather



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