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Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Luisa Green, spiritual writer and life coach in personal development and spiritual growth.

Everyman Edict features spiritual books dedicated to anyone following a spiritual path including personal development and spiritual growth.

These spiritual online books offer the spiritual seeker insights for finding and living life in inner peace and development for personal spiritual growth. 

Everyman Edict also offers a FREE spiritual book and online articles in personal spiritual growth topics to move you forward toward achieving greater spiritual freedom. 

The 1st FREE Spiritual Book – Ensouled! – relates a life experience to a high truth – we have to grow in self-love. 

In the author’s own words –

Lisa’s greatest longing is to love and be loved. She is a desperate seeker. Lisa loves easily and loses herself completely in a relationship. The experience frustrates her very much and she feels lost and confused. 

Lisa is a love addict. Her experience teaches her that she has to grow in self-love and learn to value who she is.

Lisa’s story is very candid and compelling! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

“The one true love is self-love; there is no other love.” 

“A good story about an ultimate truth [self-love] we all need to practice.” eBook-Reviews.net 

The 2nd Spiritual Book - Inner Space the Final Frontier - has finally arrived! 

My journey is personal for my being is unique. Unique is exactly what it means – the only one of its kind. Uniqueness is a quality we all share. Inner Space the Final Frontier is my contribution to a "great awakening" and it is my sincere wish that it may be of benefit to you. 

Book Excerpt from Inner Space the Final Frontier 

We honour our spiritual self – I am a spiritual being living a human experience.

We remember our true nature – we remember our natural home. The spiritual realm is our true home.

We acknowledge the essence of the Divine within – we are all God’s children. 

We have faith that our lives have purpose – we choose our own experiences.

We allow abundance in our lives – we are thankful for the blessings we receive. We have everything we need.

We learn to quiet our mind – the path towards our higher self is directed inwardly.

We are consistent in our thinking – we think and feel the same. 

Focus is important – our path is progressive. 

We face our fears courageously – we need never fear. We are loved unconditionally. 

We are lovers of truth – there is freedom within.

There is neither right nor wrong – all experience is relative. 

Divine Love is unconditional – this is an absolute truth. 

We release ourselves and others from their limitations – we forgive and move forward. We have to grow. If need be, we give in and surrender. We let go and let God. We let Love be.

We awaken to new possibilities – we open our eyes and learn the truth. 

We redefine our unifying consciousness – all is fair and equal.

We grow in wisdom and self-love – we embrace our higher self.

We are never alone – we are never separated from Source. 

We mind our thinking – we think how it feels. 

Patience, practice and discipline work wonders. We don’t lose sight of the glimmer light. We don’t lose focus. The light shines brightly as we reach the end of our journey.

The 3rd Spiritual Book – Soul Reality – is coming soon! 

I hope you find these spiritual books and web pages useful and… 

Thanks Magic People!

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