I’m back. Thanks for a wonderful time together. Sorry about Mike. Meant no harm. Love you.

Alex had introduced me to three of his ex-colleagues and friends. Mike is Alex’s best friend. Alex had told me Mike cheats on his wife. Alex doesn’t respect Wendy and thinks her stupid. “She likes playing the martyr”. Wendy knows her husband cheats on her and she suffers but she loves her husband. We’d visited at their place and I’d had too much to drink. I am sensitive to alcohol and I sometimes forget what I say but I think I told Wendy to value who she is. She’d burst into tears. Mike was alarmed and Alex was furious. We had our first disagreement. “You’re crapping me out. You know I didn’t mean any harm.”

There were tender moments but I was disappointed. “I can’t say I love you.” He’d been honest. I thought things over: the relationship was new and we didn’t really know each other very well. I called on Friday afternoon. He thought we’d had a great time together.

Enjoy your weekend with Ryan. Missed your call.

Missing you. Busy reformatting my laptop. Speak soon.

Saturday, 2 March

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