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I’m in love with you. That’s real. I pray only that you recognise the value of this gift.

And this is where the frustration begins. I feel helpless. All I can do is assure you of my love but I can’t be there to comfort and support you, as I’d like. Because I feel very deeply, I frustrate easily as I’m impatient to get on with things that need to be done or happen. I need you to want to see me. But if you feel you don’t have the energy right now, I’ll understand. I seek nothing but to hold and cherish you. The last thing on my mind is that I should add to your pain in any way.

I carry baggage – we all do. This often serves to confuse and overwhelm us. It takes courage to face the truth. We all suffer from compassion fatigue occasionally. Sometimes, the feelings we feel are so painful, we indulge in momentary self-destructive behaviour. This is okay but it can’t go on too long. Often the script we enact perpetuates our deepest fears and anxieties and we react in a predictable cycle that takes great mental and emotional clarity to effect positive change. It isn’t an easy process.

Let’s consider what you have now.

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