I spoke to you about the 44 life themes -

Sylvia Browne in her Life on The Other Side explains that we choose primary and secondary themes that will serve the goals we chart to accomplish in our brief time away from The Other Side. I feel that the Warrior Theme best describes you. Sylvia believes that life themes define the real drive that impels us forward day after day.

Although I've already read it to you, I thought to write it down.

“Warrior. Those who opt for a warrior theme become the heroes who step up with anonymous courage to go where they're needed and join the front lines of the challenge at hand. They're our firefighters, paramedics, and honest police officers; our astronauts, pioneers, explorers, teachers, and researchers; our volunteers in the wars against crime, drugs, natural disasters, teen violence; suicide, hunger, and homelessness; our soldiers ready to protect peace and equality throughout the world; in general our risk takers, whose devotion will always be more apparent than their individual identities. Unfocused, the fearless aggression of the warrior can become destructive. But when it directs that aggression on the peace, safety, expansion, and healing of the global and universal communities, the warrior theme can make history.”

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