“No one can exert influence upon your experience unless you have attracted that one to you by way of the Law of Attraction. Everything you disallow in others is either something you disallow in yourself or it is linked to a belief that is limiting you in some way. Every judgement is about your lack of love for yourself and has literally nothing to do with the person or situation being judged.

I don’t like dishonesty.

because it shows lack of respect – ask yourself why you feel this
well, it means that they don’t care about my feelings – ask
yourself why you feel this
it means that they don’t love me – ask yourself what this means
I am not loved

A person who experiences being loved is not affected by dishonesty. In this scenario, the dishonest person and the receiver of the dishonesty are both mirroring the same belief back to one another. Your indignation is telling the dishonest person “You don’t love me; I am not loved” and the dishonest person is saying “I don’t feel safe enough to tell you the truth, for you may not love me if I tell you the truth. Further, I don’t feel loved; in fact, I am not loved.”

Once again we can see how the Law of Attraction has brought together two people who have similar or identical beliefs in order that they may practice the Law of Love and in doing so change their own beliefs about themselves. It is as simple as that!”

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