I hope never to have to send you this letter but, just in case, I’d like to give you my perspective of my last visit.

But first, let me take you back to Thursday night, 23 May. You were very surprised to receive my late call. “Are you drunk?” Bev was visiting. She’d wanted to buy some lamps. I remember asking whether or not she’d bought any and you replied she was thinking about it.

I wanted to confirm arrangements: you’d said you’d be spending a week with me before you left for the UK. While we spoke you made known you’d visit if it were within your power and that it was immaterial to you whether or not you remained or visited before you left for the UK. I was confused. You were the one to suggest the arrangement in the first place! I thought about our conversation and I received an SMS wishing me a good night and sweet dreams. The following day, I e-mailed you I felt hurt and I asked you a question: what do you want? I told you to do what made you feel happy and I meant it.

Your SMSs the next day were reassuring but when I spoke to you later that afternoon, I received a verbal ”bollocking”. You were nasty. “You bring out the best in me.” “No, I don’t. I am a bad man. I am mean.” You called me a hypocrite. I had judged you unfairly. "You know I stuck my foot in my mouth. Now you are making mountains out of molehills. Please do not do that. I will be there before I go to the UK.”

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